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Room 1

What is military intelligence?

In Room 1 you will be given an introduction to British military intelligence, it's history, and how it has changed since the arrival of technology. 

There are several displays exploring how military intelligence has been put into practice. You can learn about SOE and BRIXMIS, the Security and Deception operations that protected the planned D-Day invasion of France in 1944, and the story of the fight against Hitler's 'Vengeance Weapons', the V1 'Doodlebug' and V2 rocket.

Try your hand at codebreaking with our interactive challenge.

You'll also find our museum shop!


Room 2

Who undertakes military intelligence?

Room 2 is the Intelligence Corps room, and begins with the ad-hoc nature of military intelligence from the Crimea War in the mid 1850s and tells the Corps' story through the intervening years.

We have a display dedicated to exploring the valuable involvement of women in intelligence. Our 'In The Name of the Rose' display commemorates the Intelligence Corps' casualties on operations. The Honours and Awards display records the many awards made to members of the Intelligence Corps.

The Y Service.jpg

Room 3

How do you collect & produce military intelligence?

Room 3 explores many of the intelligence capabilities, the tactics,  techniques and equipment used to conduct military intelligence operations across the years.  It is also home to the Y Service and USAF in Chicksands displays.

Here you can find our temporary exhibitions.


Rooms 4 and 5

The Medmenham Collection

Rooms 4 and 5 are devoted to the Medmenham Collection, a private collection that charts the development of Imagery Analysis, from the earliest days of photography, through the balloon and kite-mounted pioneers to the intrepid flyers of the First World War and to modern times. 

Use a working light table to see aerial images in 3D just like a Photographic Interpreter would.

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