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Y Service Chicksands Second World War


The Military Intelligence Museum Archive holds over 10,000 records relating to historical aspects of the Intelligence Corps and Military Intelligence more widely: their development, organisation and involvement in various campaigns from the Boer War onwards.


The archive is also home to a collection of records relating to the British Military Mission in East Germany (BRIXMIS) and a smaller amount of material relating to the Y Service at RAF Chicksands during World War Two.  A separate collection relates to the work of the USAF at Chicksands from 1950-1996. 

Whilst we hold some personnel and unit information, including 'tracer cards' covering Intelligence Corps soldiers from 1939 to 1946, the main service records are held by the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow.


Details of how these can be accessed are given on the MOD Veterans Website.


We would recommend that enquiries are first directed to the MOD, followed by supplementary enquiries to ourselves if required.

We also maintain a reference library of intelligence-related books.

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