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History of British Military Intelligence

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1899-1902: Boer War Intelligence

Ad Hoc to Doctrine

The Boer War's influence on the conduct of military intelligence

1916: The Battle of Jutland

The Admiralty, Room 40 and the failure to use intelligence

1917 Battle of Beersheba

A key battle in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I which a co-ordinated deception plan helped win

1917: The Zimmerman Telegram

The Royal Navy's Interception of a key German telegram which helped convince the United States to join the First World War

1924: The Zinoviev Letter

The 'Fake News' scandal which rocked the 1924 election

1939-45 MI9 and the Stool Pigeons

Escape, evasion and Prisoners of War

1939: The Oslo Report

A report by a German scientist containing some of the most spectacular leaks in intelligence history

1941-1980 Project Venona

The exploitation of Intercepted Russian spy agency communications

1941: The Sinking of the Bismarck

Signals Intelligence and the hunt for a German warship

1942: The Bruneval Raid

The First successful action by British paratroopers

1943 Operation Hydra

A bombing mission that helped delay Hitler's 'vengeance weapons' attacking the UK

1944 Operation Jedburgh

A Clandestine Operation whose operatives worked behind enemy lines under the motto 'Surprise, Kill, Vanish'

1966 The Firebar Incident

A Salvage Operation used to steal Soviet Secrets from a wrecked spyplane

1970s Four Square laundry

A daring Covert Surveillance operation in Northern Ireland


One of the largest ever expulsions of foreign Intelligence Officers from one country

1982 The Falklands War

An Intelligence Failure or Surprise Attack?

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