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United States Air Force at Chicksands 

In 1950 the United States Air Force (USAF) occupied the Chicksands base and, supported by the RAF, established a signals listening post.

They constructed an enormous circular radio antenna that could intercept transmissions from across the globe.  This was so large that it was christened the 'Elephant cage' by the locals who grew to accept its eminent position which dominated the otherwise very rural landscape.

The Chicksands base remained an operational listening station until the Americans moved out in 1996, at which point the RAF took over temporary custodianship until the Intelligence Corps moved into the camp in 1997.

Our display features a model of the Elephant Cage alongside radio intercept equipment and memorabilia which commemorates the American presence at Chicksands.

The Archive holds a significant quantity of material relating to the American presence, much of it about the social lives of the camp's inhabitants.

USAF at Chicksands 1953.JPG
USAF at Chicksands.JPG
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