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BRIXMIS, The British Commanders' in Chief Mission to the Soviet Forces in Germany, was a little-known intelligence organisation which worked throughout the Cold War years from 1946 to 1990.  Originally a liaison unit, its role soon changed to gathering intelligence in the former Soviet Occupation Zone of East Germany on the threat posed to the West and NATO by the 20 Soviet and 6 East German Army Divisions and their Air Forces deployed there.

Museum Displays


Information is  provided on an Interactive display showing how the Mission was organised and equipped and how it operated. It also reveals the details of the harassment, detentions, ramming and shooting incidents which the Soviets and East German Intelligence Services used against them.

Outside the Museum, a restored Mercedes Benz G-Wagen touring vehicle, as used by the Mission, can be seen. 

Alongside it is an East German Signals Intelligence vehicle, a Zil 131, which was used to intercept the radio communications of the Forces of the Western Allies stationed in West Germany.

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