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Charteris J, Brigadier

Brigadier J Charteris

Friend L, Trooper

Trooper L Friend

Gethin E, Agent

Agent E Gethin

Grant C, Lieutenant Colonel

Leiutenant Colonel Grant

Hibble G, Guide

Guide G Hibble

Holmes CB, Agent

Agent CB Holmes

Hutton SH, Agent

Agent SH Hutton

Kendrick TJ, Colonel

Colonel TJ Kendrick

Lazarus PH, Captain

Captain PH Lazarus of the Field Intelligence Department (FID), awarded the King’s South Africa Medal with Clasps “South Africa 1901” and “South Africa 1902”.

Melville B, Surveyor

Surveyor B Melville

Richardson JN, Private

Private JN Richardson

Scotland D, Colonel

Colonel D Scotland

Shute CDD, Major

Major CDD Shute

Simmons C, Sergeant

Sergeant C Simmons

Vallegarde, FH Captain

Captain FH Vallegarde

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