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Loker JF, Captain

Loker JF, Captain

Loker served with Field Security Sections in England and was one of the earliest members of 89 Field Security Section which was formed in June 1942 to support Airborne Forces. Its personnel were parachute trained.

After the death of the OC, Captain Dunbar, who was drowned in an accident on Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily, Company Sergeant Major (CSM) Loker took command and led the Section through the Sicily campaign and later during the invasion of Italy at Taranto.
He left the unit just before Operation Market Garden, the famous ‘Bridge too far’ Airborne landing at Arnhem.

He was commissioned in 1944 in India, finally reaching the rank of Captain. His medals are, right to left: 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal and War Medal.

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