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Amoore JMS, Captain

Amoore JMS, Captain

Lieutenant Amoore was a member of SOE Mission CHEROKEE and parachuted was into the Biella area of Piedmont, Italy in November 1944 along with explosives expert Captain Jim Bell, radio operator Sergeant Birch and commanding officer Major MacDonald.

The CHEROKEE team then organised the largest arms drop made during the campaign to a 3,000-strong group of Italian partisans. Shortly after this supply drop, in January 1945, they destroyed a key railway bridge, drastically curtailing the supply of high-grade steel to Germany for the rest of the war. During the German anti-partisan sweeps following this attack, whilst tending to a wounded Italian comrade, Major MacDonald was captured by Waffen SS troops who had infiltrated the partisan lines.

Amoore, now promoted Captain, survived many hazardous adventure as he remained one step ahead of the German and Italian Fascist forces hunting the Biella partisans. He successfully led the extraction of the XII Partisan Division in the face of repeated attacks despite appalling fighting conditions and deep snow which hindered movement by night as well as day. He was awarded the Military Cross for his actions during this time.

In 1951 Captain Amoore was awarded the Polish Cross of Valour for his activities in Italy and, belatedly, in 1981, the Italian Military Cross.

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