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ASFIC 7372.1-Marlboro cigarette packet s

Welrod Pistol

The BSA .32 Welrod Pistol was a Second World War weapon designed by British Major Hugh Reeves. It was made for irregular forces and resistance group but was primarily used by the SOE. It was designed around its integrated suppressor which made it one of the quietest guns ever made, however, its effective range was only around 10 yards. This meant it was a close quarters weapon, used for assassinations and neutralising sentries. Interestingly, users considered .32-inch bullet lacked hitting power and only 200 were made. Later versions used the 9mm round.

The name Welrod originated from the designation system adopted for all of Station IX clandestine products, where it was designed. As the station was based in Welwyn, all objects created used Wel as the first 3 letters of its name. Rod then simply came from the shape of the object.

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