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Gemmel KT, Captain

Gemmel KT, Captain

A 1914 Star with Clasp; 5th Aug – 22nd Nov 1914 identifies Captain KT Gemmell as another early entrant to the Great War. As Lieutenant Gemmell he won the Military Cross in 1916 and as Captain Gemmell, he was later warded the War Medal and Victory Medal which also carries his award of a Mention in Dispatches signified by an Oak Leaf.

The French also recognised his war service with the award of the Legion D Honneur. Awards from foreign nations are worn as here, to the extreme right and after British awards.

In 1942 he was awarded the Special Constabulary Long Service Medal in recognition of 9 years’ service. This is the second medal from the right, and was worn before the Legion D Honneur.

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