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Clifford Jackson

Staff Sergeant Clifford ‘Jacko’ Jackson holds one of the highest British awards for gallantry, the Distinguished Conduct Medal, awarded for action in Italy in 1944. He had already shown his courage in 1943 when the Americans awarded him the Silver Star. He later transferred to the Intelligence Corps and was awarded the Military Medal for his services in Korea running agent-handling operations behind enemy lines.

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His medals are, left to right: Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal, 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, Korea Medal, UN Korea Medal, Kenya Medal, General Service Medal with Cyprus Clasp, US Silver

Sergeant Jackson won his American Silver Star on 3rd December 1943 as part of the 9th Battalion Royal Fusiliers, whom were supporting an American division near Mount Camino, Italy. When the advance of the platoon was delayed by a German machine gun post, Sgt Jackson ordered his section to attack the enemy position under cover of fire from the rest of the platoon. Moving forward towards the objective he found the enemy fire so intense that he directed his men to seek cover and, with complete disregard for his own life, ran straight at the enemy firing his sub machine gun. Before he could reach his objective his gun jammed, and without hesitation he withdrew his machete and charged the enemy gunners driving them from their position and singlehandedly captured their gun.

The Distinguished Conduct Medal was won a year later in May 1944 near Sallvitelle, Northern Italy. Sergeant Jackson was almost blinded by an enemy shell but rallied his platoon and, although in danger of being permanently blinded, refused to leave his men for 36 hours. 

The Military Medal was won in the period October 1951 to May 1953 when Staff Sergeant Jackson, who had by this time transferred to the Intelligence Corps, commanded 904 Field Security Section, the Agent Handling Detachment in Korea.  He organised local volunteers to cross enemy lines in order to obtain intelligence and commit acts of sabotage. Staff Sergeant Jackson personally crossed into enemy occupied areas in order to check the validity of his agents’ reports. His citation stated that he had “shown boundless energy, efficiency and outstanding personal courage which are above the normal of his specified duties. It is due to SSgt Jackson’s determination and high courage that the Special Detachment of this division has been successful in its task.”

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