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Private Richardson

JN Richardson ran away from home to join the Army at the age of 16. He became a member of 3rd Company of the Commissariat and Transport Corps. 

During his service with this unit he was awarded the Egypt Medal with the ‘Suakin 1885’ Clasp (left) and the Khedives Bronze Star 1884-86 (right). The sepia photograph shows a young Private Richardson in his best uniform wearing his medals.

Private Richardson was a farrier. Mounted underneath are his actual spurs. He hand-made the miniature silver riding boot of the type he would have worn. ​During this era, horses were a vital tool for intelligence and communications due to their speed and agility, and farriers were essential to their keep.

​This family heirloom piece was donated by Private Richardson's brother, Mr J Hansen, Esq in 1973.