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Shortt AC, Major General

Shortt AC, Major General

Major General “Peter” Shortt CB OBE, was Colonel Commandant of the Intelligence Corps from 1960 to 1964 after completing a distinguished career in the Army. Commissioned into the Royal Engineers in 1916 from the Royal Military Academy Woolwich, he saw action in France and Belgium in World War One with a Field Company; this was followed by regimental service in India and West Africa in the 1920s.

He completed the Staff College course in 1939 and became MA to Lord Gort VC, C in C British Expeditionary Force for the Dunkirk campaign. Commander of the Royal Engineers of a division in Normandy 1944 – 1945, Shortt then became Military Attache Athens 1947-1949, and Director of Military Intelligence War Office 1949 – 1953. Retiring in 1956 he became civilian Director of Public Relations for the Army from 1956-1961.

Thoughtful and generous in the Corps interests, he presented the Shortt Trophy for Sub Machine Gun shooting in 1964 having made the trophy shield with his own hands with fine craftsmanship. He also was the influence behind devising the Corps motto – ‘Manui dad Cognito vires’ – knowledge gives strength to the arm.

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