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Munby Gladys

Munby Gladys

The Woman’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAAC) was established in February 1917, becoming Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps (QMMAC) ON 9TH April 1918. Its role was to release men from work that could be carried out by women so that they could serve on the front line.

Just 12 WAAC’s with language skills were recruited by General Headquarters (intelligence) in France to assist in the signals intercept, code breaking effort. They were known as the ‘Hush WAACs’ due to the secret nature of their work.

One of these ladies was Gladys Munby whose War Medal is inscribed A ADTR G.M Munby Q.M.A.A.C. At this time, women in the forces were not given the same military ranks as their male colleagues but titles which were non-military in nature. Gladys’ rank, A ADTR on her medal is ‘decoded’ as Assistant Administrator.

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