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In The Name of The Rose

The Museum began life in 1969 as the Intelligence Corps Museum and the core elements within the museum reflect this fact.  The Intelligence Corps has been the central, continuous pillar of military intelligence across the three Services (Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force) since its formation in 1940.

The museum displays many of the intelligence disciplines and activities carried out by members of the Intelligence Corps and its forebears since the Napoleonic era. 

This major historical database and interactive memorial was created to provide a complete and definitive commemoration of those members of the Intelligence Corps who have made the ultimate sacrifice while engaged on active service since the Corps' formation on 19th July 1940.

Searches can be made via name or area of operations and the information available, although varying from individual to individual, typically includes details of birth, education, qualifications, military career and finally the circumstances leading to the individual's death; where available photographs of the casualty, or others relating to their career, are included. The database is constantly updated to include new information on each casualty as it becomes available.

Since its installation, 'In the Name of the Rose' has been used and acclaimed by the families of those commemorated and by researchers and historians. 

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