B2 Suitcase Radio

  •  Used by Special Operations Executive (SOE) radio operators during the Second World War, this B2 radio is disguised inside a normal civilian suitcase.

  • Although it looks innocuous, the carrier of this radio needed strong arm muscles as it weighs over 30lb (13kg) and to be seen struggling with such a small suitcase may have brought the attention of the Gestapo down on the carrier. 

  • Any such compromise had potentially fatal consequences as captured SOE operators were invariably tortured for information and many were executed.  

ENIGMA Machine

  • The Enigma machine is an electro-mechanical encryption device developed to protect communications.     

  • It was used extensively by Nazi Germany during the Second World War, in all branches of the German military. 

  • The Code Breakers at Bletchley Park waged a secret war to break the German Enigma codes, with great success. 

  • Our Enigma is a 3-Rotor model used by the Kriegsmarine, the German Navy.

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