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Signals Intelligence

Signals Intelligence, or SIGINT, is the interception of enemy and potential enemy communications. The interception of an enemy’s radio and electronic communications can provide vital intelligence regarding their activities, capabilities, and intentions.


This little-known military intelligence organisation operated in the heart of East Germany from 1946 to 1990.

In the Name of the Rose

This display in the Museum is a major historical database and memorial to those 278 members of the Intelligence Corps who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, while on active service for their Sovereign and country. In time, all the images and data will be transferred to this section of the website.

Honours and Awards

A commemoration and celebration of those members of the Corps who have been decorated or otherwise honoured for their gallantry or their service to their Country. Many have also been honoured for their service to allied countries.

Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the Intelligence Corps

An introduction to the work of the SOE and a commemoration of over 600 members of the Intelligence Corps who served in that organisation.

The Medmenham Collection

The Medmenham Collection covers the history of military aerial photographic interpretation (PI) and imagery analysis (IA) from World War One, through World War Two, up to the present day.